Hawke 711 NEC

Explosion proof, IECEx and ATEX approved flameproof Exd, Increased Safety Exe (note: Dual Marked UL & ATEX as standard) Flameproof Exdb IIC Gb, Increased Safety Exeb IIC Gb and Dust Extb IIIC Db Ex II 2 GD DTS01

Explosion proof cable gland , untuk kabel armour metal clad (MC). Berbahan brass nickel plated.

Made in UK.

Tersedia dalam berbagai ukuran sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda, m20 sampai dengan m100 atau ½” npt sampai dengan 4” npt thread

M20 M25 M32 M40 M50 M63 M75 M90 M100

½” NPT ¾” NPT 1” NPT 1 ¼” NPT 1 ½” NPT 2” NPT 2 ½” NPT 3” NPT 4” NPT


Niaga Abadi Hawke 711 Sizing chart

The NEC® Compliant 711 dual certified Exe/Exd gland is suitable for use with continuous corrugated Aluminum Metal Clad (MC-HL) cable
and provides a barrier seal around the individual cores within the cable and prevents entry of the products of an explosion into the cable.
The gland features the worlds only NEC® compliant transparent elastomeric fully inspectable compound chamber