Hawke 121 Industrial

Industrial gland for indoor or outdoor use

Industrial kabel gland untuk kabel non armor, single compression seal, berbahan brass nickel plated.

Made in UK.

Tersedia dalam berbagai ukuran sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda, m20 sampai dengan m100 atau ½” npt sampai dengan 4” npt thread.

M20 M25 M32 M40 M50 M63 M75 M90 M100

½” NPT ¾” NPT 1” NPT 1 ¼” NPT 1 ½” NPT 2” NPT 2 ½” NPT 3” NPT 4” NPT


Niaga Abadi Hawke 121 Sizing Chart

The 121 industrial cable gland is intended for use on non-armoured elastomer and plastic insulated cables in indoor and outdoor applications. This cable gland
may be used with braided cables where the braid and outer sheath pass into the enclosure. The braid must then be suitably terminated inside the enclosure.