EPDM 3M Cold Shrink Tubing

3m Cold Shrink tubing berbahan EPDM berkualitas.

memudahkan instalasi dan menambah tingkat safety pemasangan dibanding dengan Heat Shrink tradisional yang menggunakan panas untuk pemasangan.

Silahkan hubungi kami untuk produk 3M cold shrink kami atau splice kit 3m atau produk” 3m lainnya.

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  • Cold shrink solution for an easy and quick sealing and insulating low voltage connections
  • Ensures a permanent, durable environmental seal and insulation
  • No tools required for the installation
  • Covers a wide range of cable cross sections

Cold Shrink Connector Insulator 8429-29

3M Cold Shrink Tubes are designed using a unique Cold Shrink delivery system. Products are supplied prestretched on a removable core for efficiency and easy of installation. Removal of the core (unwind) after positioning allows the product to shrink into position forming a moisture-tight seal. The live memory action of the specially formulated material ensures a permanent, durable environmental seal and insulation.

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